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Every story has a beginning, ours just happens to be in the circus. Cassandra and I are both multi-generational circus performers so it should come as no surprise that we live in the beautiful city of Sarasota with its rich history steeped in the circus arts. Cassandra was an accomplished aerialist and I was an acrobat and hand balancer while we toured around the country.

We have taken our love of the arts and attention to detail, which is required while performing in front of thousands of people and dedicated that to providing the highest quality of flooring installations and repairs on the suncoast. We would love to tell you more so just ask us all about it when we are at your location.

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The Difference

My philosophy is very simple and straight forward.

1. We don't cut corners on quality.
2. We will stay till the job is complete and we are happy.
3. We do the same quality of install or repair if it's 7 am or 7 pm. We don't cut corners with the thought "just do it fast they won't know" BECAUSE I WILL KNOW. I personally look at it this way, you will live with this for years to come and I want you to be happy EVERYTIME you walk on your beautiful luxury flooring. Other companies in my industry won't offer you that promise. So like I said, it's very simple

Meet the Team

Dieter Galambos, Cassandra Daly and Aiden Galambos. Under the leadership of our demanding boss "Peanut". Working great together not only at home but also in the field. We bring a fun, clean, and professional work environment to every jobsite we go

Aiden Galambos

Aiden Galambos

Lead Prep Engineer and Installer Extraordinaire


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